Available Scripts

I am passionate about telling a story in the most unique and interesting way.  I like to ask, “what if” and see where that takes the story. I look to see if the scene can be in a more interesting place and what can be said through character action rather than words.


Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller RECOMMEND
In a future with technology to retrieve memories, a Memory Hunter, caught in the mind of a psychopath struggles to find a way out before he destroys her mind and kills her.
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Genre: Horror / Thriller RECOMMEND
The Taxidermist kidnaps and mutilates students and animals to combine his love of Art and Taxidermy to create macabre scenes from Hell - from angels to miscreants.
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Mirrored Brothers

Genre: Crime / Thriller RECOMMEND
A young widow returns to her hometown and becomes the victim of stalker twins, who are the same person, bent on claiming her as their own.
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Genre: Action / Thriller RECOMMEND
After an agent is gravely wounded, his personality is accidentally linked to an android. In the race against time, the android must finish the mission to stop a power-hungry media mogul, but he's not sure what the mission is.
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Genre: Crime / Drama RECOMMEND
River Wei, a hard-nosed Asian detective, investigates bizarre killings that release her clairvoyant abilities and link her to the Chinese Zodiac and the demon world.
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Diary of Souls

Genre: Thriller RECOMMEND
A woman finds a diary of a murdered woman. Her life begins to mirror the events in the diary as it unlocks the clues one day at a time. She only a few days left to expose the killer or be killed.
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Corpse Garden

Genre: Revenge / Thriller RECOMMEND
In the midst of escaping his haunted past, a landscaper is seduced into integrating corpses in a bizarre garden by a revenge seeking killer, not knowing he's her final victim.
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