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So many questions and so many ways to tell a story. I like to dig into my character and their actions, their flaws and their pain. I look for what drives them to be the character they are to becoming the character they need to become.


Genre: Historical Fiction

Concept: Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–after 1654) was raped when she was 17, she fought for her honor and family name, ultimately winning in court. She became a prominent painter in the Italian Baroque style and the most influential female artist of her day. Gentileschi is known for spreading Caravaggio’s popular dramatic style throughout Italy and expanding what the world thought possible of female artists.  Fiercely independent, Artemisia was true to herself and her paintings. She notably represented women as powerful and courageous, subverting contemporary stereotypes of feminine weakness and timidity.


Genre: Action Thriller

Concept:  A retired forces operative, turned soccer mom, dusts off her skills to rescue her husband who’s been set up as a terrorist and stop the real attack on the G-20 summit.


Genre: Thriller

Concept: In a future with technology to retrieve memories, a Memory Retrevalist, caught in the mind of a psychopath struggles to find a way out before he destroys her mind and kills her.


Genre: Action / Fantasy

Concept: A jaded archeologist releases a demon that is capturing the Virtues one by one leaving the Seven Deadly Sin Demons unchecked.  She must have faith to rebalance the world.