1-hour crime / thriller – Serial


River Wei, a hard-nosed Asian detective, investigates a series of bizarre killings. During the investigation, her clairvoyant abilities are activated and take her deep into the Chinese Zodiac and the world of demons.

River is haunted by visions of strange murders.

To solve the murders River must balance her police work and a world she never knew existed. To learn about the demon world, she must return to the family she turned her back on years ago.

Who is helping the demons and killing the guardians of the gateway?

River is brought up on charges for letting a killer escape. How can she explain the murderer was a demon who walks through walls?

The Zodiac Circle is completed one death at a time…

As pressure mounts for River to solve the bizarre murders, she learns that the parents she thought murdered years ago, were kidnapped by demons. They are trapped on the other side of the gateway.

If she frees her parents, she will also free the demons.

Episode Structure:  Each episode has the demons collecting the Chinese Zodiac amulets needed to open the Demon Oni Gateway.

The pilot won a Finalist Award for the 2020 Script Summit Screenwriting Contest and a RECOMMEND from Extreme Scriptwriting coverage. If you like the concept, I would be happy to send you the Pitch Bible and pilot.