Corpse Garden


Genre: Revenge Thriller

Logline: In the midst of escaping his haunted past, a landscaper is seduced into integrating corpses in a bizarre garden by a revenge seeking killer, not knowing he’s her final victim.

The finest gardens require humans as fertilizer.

Haunted by his past, his business failing, his brother missing, Nash, a recovering addict is desperate to rekindle his relationship with his daughter. But when the perfect client steps in and sweetens the pot, he finds it impossible to resist…

… Seduction works miracles with the right rewards.

Seduced by the ex-child star, who is desperate to find out who killed her brother, Nash agrees to help when she promises to launch his daughter’s career provided that he takes drugs to deliver highly imaginative landscaping.

Creativity comes with its own madness…

In a moment of clarity, Nash realizes his work and the garden’s grotesque secrets. Can Nash stop the former star’s revenge on him and save both his and his daughter’s lives?

If you like the concept, which received a RECOMMEND from Extreme Screenwriting, we’d be happy to send you the script.

Ferdinand W Gernandt and CJ Knapp /
+27 83 357 4302

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