Diary of Souls


Genre: Thriller /Horror

Concept:  A woman finds a diary of a murdered girl. Her life begins to mirror the events in the diary as it unlocks the clues one day at a time. With only a few days left to expose the killer or be killed.

A cursed Diary exacts revenge over the centuries…

Reeling from the loss of their daughter, Jason and Sierra move to a quaint Massachusetts town to start again. Sierra hides behind her camera until she finds a Diary that captivates her, and she sees the town through the eyes of the Diary.

The Diary captures more than Sierra’s interest as her Soul drains away.

Absorbed by the entries, Sierra transforms into the person who wrote them. Her days mirror those in the diary. Then the posts become more ominous. Something terrible is about to happen to the Diary’s author. There are only a few pages left.

Will Sierra break the Diary’s spell, or will she become the next victim?

If you like the concept, which received a RECOMMEND from Extreme Screenwriting,  I’d be happy to send you the script.