Mirrored Brothers


GENRE: Crime / Thriller

Logline: A young widow returns to her hometown and becomes the victim of stalker twins, who are the same person, bent on claiming her their own.

A young widow is stalked and terrorized when she moves back to her hometown.

Helping her daughter cope with their loss is made more difficult when Rose meets twin brothers, whose lives entwine with hers.  At first, she’s charmed, but things get eerie when rumors surface that she’s unstable, her home is violated and…

A dead rat is left on her doorstep…

The vicious pranks escalate and threaten her life, but no one believes her. Her in-laws want to take her daughter from her. Nowhere to turn and no one to trust, she’s kidnapped by one of the brothers. She wakes to find …

The twin brothers are one and the same person, and she’s his next victim.

If you like the concept, which received a RECOMMEND from Extreme Screenwriting, I’d be happy to send you the script.