Genre: Action / Thriller

Concept:  An android accidently injected with a dying agent’s DNA/blood has trouble separating his android self from the man and realizes that he must find out what happened to the agent and finish the mission.

What does it take for an Android to be more HUMAN than a human?

325, a new med-bot prototype, takes on a fatally wounded agent’s persona and attempts to finish the agent’s mission.  Conflicted, 325 struggles between adhering to his medical protocol and kicking butt to finish the mission.

The only problem is – 325 doesn’t know what his mission is…

Too late, satellites have launched with the capability to rob people around the globe of their free will.  325 must stop the satellites and their dangerous payload.  Chief among them is Chase Winters, the brains behind the plan.  She’s convinced the world that her satellites are to report “real news in real time” as she brings about her version of “World Peace”.

325 makes the ultimate human sacrifice by giving up his life-force to save others.

SUPPRESSION won the Table Read Award at the 2020 Script Summit Screenplay contest and received a RECOMMEND from Extreme Screenwriting. If you like the concept, I’d be happy to send you the script.