Writing assignments – I am always excited and thrilled to take on writing assignments. I enjoy working for and with producers, actors, directors, and others in the entertainment industry to develop features and TV series. I can take your vision or idea and develop an outline or final script to meet your needs.

Rewrite – I’m available for partial or a page one rewrite. I work with you to capture your thoughts and suggestions in the rewrite. 

Rates are based on a mutually agreed upon amount. Please contact me for rates.

"What clients have said"

Tipsy Hiccup Productions Screenplay Competition & Black Tie Awards Gala 2023

This script is the most “production ready” script we’ve received yet in three successive competitions. Vetted through over 50 different criteria, this script and its compelling story might just bump a “chick flick” off our development slate…


“Dear CJ, you have done a great job to “show” my version of the movie in writing… and look forward to the day when we see your name as Screenplay Writer on the silver screen together.”

… I want to shout ‘Well done, CJ. Thank you. “

-Elizabeth Joyce

Other Writers:

“I have worked with CJ as a co-writer, and she is professional – very intuitive when it comes to story and the technical aspects, as well as being able to go into depth with characters and their journey. I always rely on her for feedback on my own scripts as well.”

Heidi Stangeland

Optioned & Award-winning Screenwriter


Working with CJ has been an extraordinary experience for me. As writer, she definitely has the chops of a highly skilled professional. I was completely humbled when she asked me to read and exchange some feedback on her work. CJ knows how to make characters pop off the page She knows how to instill thrilling and suspenseful moments within a story and then sprinkle it with mystery and intrigue to keep you flipping those pages. As writing partner, she adds extensive value to each project we worked on. I work really well with CJ, I think it’s her ability to quickly jump into a concept or story, make it her own while keeping the integrity about the original vision of the project. Yes, besides her exceptional writing skill, CJ is kind, motivated and extremely creative 
Do yourself and your project a favor, add intrinsic value and take hands with CJ… I have and I will again. 

– Producer / Director / Screenwriter –