Why Me

A Passion for Writing...

I am an award-winning and multi-optioned screenwriter who specialized in high-concept screenplays with a focus on thrillers.  Thrillers in the action, horror, and sci-fi vein.

As a focused writer, I can work in other genres such as dramas and biopic screenplays where I have completed paid writing assignments.

I love to take my diverse background and work experience and mix it with my creative skills on any project.  I enjoy creating unique characters, playing with the theme, and the end goal of any project.  I work well with others in both creative and business situations. 

I write strong characters, using subtext and utilizing exciting and different ways to present characters, situations, and dialogue in unique and interesting ways. 

I enjoy researching a concept and its target audience. I like to dig deep into a character’s inner world. I approach the story and the situation in a unique and different way. My goal is to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. I like elevating existing material and am happy to develop others’ concepts as well as take on writing assignments. 


While I worked away in the professional world of domestic mutual funds, offshore centers, and Health Care, I always see a story in everything around me.   I love living in the Midwest with my husband and two pugs and our cat. 

Besides loving to write, I love to read, travel, and cook. 


Why do I write?  There are stories in everything around us. I find ideas when I talk with a neighbor, a friend, or a stranger – their mannerism, their livelihood – all become interesting aspects of a story.   I like to write screenplays because I want to tell a story that takes a viewer out of their day-to-day and into a new and exciting world – sometimes scary but always thrilling and profound. 


Master Certificate from SCREENWRITINGU

Binge Worthy TV program

ScreenwritingU Courses:

  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Profound
  • Action


  • Member of KC Screenwriters
  • Member of Kansas City Women in Film
  • Judge for Cinequest Screenwriting Competition
  • SuccessMasters Toastmasters 7775006 (Dedicated to Screenwriters)

Other Awards:

  • Quarter finalist in Red Door Contest – JACOB MARLEY

“The script, I always believe, is the foundation of everything.”   

– Ewan McGregor